Robot Labs & Companies

We will see more and more robots in our daily life in the future. Even before that we might see robots occupying construction sites. The construction industry still has to catch up with the pace of digitalisation. Robots might be an accelerator the transformation into a digital industry. 

Academia is the place that educates our future architects and fabricators. This map is an attempt to collect the world wide endeavour in academia – robot labs and digital fabrication hubs. Focusing on the built environment, students from these institutes will stream into society and transform it.

I hope this map can be shared and used by all actors in this transformation to visualise the growth of robots aided construction.

Feel free to use it and add research institutes, universities, companies and individuals.

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Soccer Cage for Adidas

Adidas pushed the idea of street football to a new level. Three goals arranged in a triangular plot created a constant flux of defensive and attack between two teams.

The plot is part of the Adidas campaign “speed of light” lunched in 2017.

Together with Jochen Mehr Architects we developed the layout and rendered the spectacular plot. The cage travelled to several location in Germany to host tournaments in a never seen before plot.

Adidas Soccer Cage - Plot

The novel plot with three goals and special light effects provided for fast and goal-rich matches in which the participants asserted themselves through fast and tricky moves.

Two teams face each other in this new game. The teams have to score into the illuminated goal. The active goal can be changed by the referee.

The plot is based on an isosceles triangle to generate three equal corners. Each goal is equipped with special lighting. The cage design is very transparent to allow spectators to take great pictures while being stable enough for the fights between the teams.

Client: Adidas
Size: 24 m x 24 m
Location: Frankfurt
Date: 2016

Sculpture by Hannes Michanek

In summer 2015 the artist Hannes Michanek approached me with conceptual sketches for his sculptures. Together we developed a 3d model of the precise geometry. Two bigger and six smaller sculptures were designed and prepared for production.

The exact geometries were milled into the foam using a three axis cnc machine.  Finally the foam was covered with a  very durable PU coating and a matt color finish.

Finally the sculptures were exhibited in Kunstverein zu Assenheim.

Client: Hannes Michanek
Size: 208 x 90 x 183cm and 90 x 255 x 10cm
Location: Frankfurt/Dortmund
Date: 2015/2016


The geometry was accurately modeled according to the sketches provided by Hannes Michanek. Through different iterations we helped him to refine the shape.

Finally, I remodeled the sculpture for fabrication. The Shurg foams are a material fine tuned for cnc-milling.

The smooth curves needed almost no training and were covered with paint.